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Thursday, July 31, 2008

what to do

So it's almost midnight here in michigan. The crickets are chirping outside and everything else is quiet. Even the three year old has finally passed out on the couch (thank you thank you).
So what to do?
Not wanting to go to bed, wanting to stay up and suck every single second of peace and quiet and just me time I suppose out of this day. No worries about having to wake up for work (no work on fridays....yay!) the ten hour days are sometimes rough, is a passing thought.
Anyway no work tomorrow no in bed by ten just me and this quiet house. The clicking of these keys seem to be echoing as i'm trying to decide what exactly i'm trying to say... sigh ...
I'm sinking into the chair a bit as I am trying to think of something somewhat intelligent to write, but nothing is coming to mind.
How funny.
Something intelligent....hmmm....
The person who has the last laugh doesn't get it .....
Does that work? Hope so.

checking out haley's closet

Looking into haley's closet...this thing needs cleaned out.
I'll sort through everything.
Go through the boxes, the ones all the way in the back.
Empty out all these little hidden places and the hidden things I have pushed away for far too long.
And, of course...find all my missing socks :-)
So let's get started.